Issac Toole

The following information about the Toole family was furnished by S. Perrin Toole, resident of Aiken, S.C. who died 29 Aug 1971. He was the Son of Gasper Loren Toole, 2nd, who lived to the age of 101, and died 13 Dec 1958. He had written a book 90 years in Aiken County.

S. Perrin Toole explained the reason for the Toole name being miss spelled in different ways due to the fact that in those days many persons could not read or write and when registering to vote or other reasons would call the name to the scribe who would spell it the way it sounded.

The clan of the Toole – O’Toole, O’Tule, Tule, etc…. were located near the Glen of Ishmall(Omar) in Ireland, The clan of the Toole and their kinsman, the clan of the O’Brian, of Ishmail(Omar).

This defeat forced the leaders of the clan to flee Ireland. After the defeat at the Glen of Ishmail, Issac Toole fled to Pheizzler, Germany, and thence to America, where he settled in Pennsylvania. Issac Toole, Jr was born in Pennsylvania and migrated to East Tennessee, and later moved to South Carolina. He Arrived in South Carolina about the year of 1740, and settled in Barnwell District. At the time the State was divided into Districts such as Orangeburg District, Barnwell District, etc. The Orangeburg District Courthouse and all contents were burned down and completely destroyed during the Civil war. The Civil War was over 1865.

Issac Toole had five sons: Stephen, Benjamin, Hezekiah, Luke and David. David Toole was the father of Gasper Loren, 1st. His mother was Polly Woodward Toole, who was a direct descendant of Dr. Henry Woodward, one of the first white men to come to South Carolina.

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