Christmas – 2008

We’re baaaack! That’s right, in spite of everything we are back for our annual reprise of Christmas greetings, 2008 edition. Given the news and current events, it would seem the old adage “no news is good news” seems appropriate. But we are here to bring good news.

No, we are not expecting. The good news is: we are here to bring you good news, and as you can see from above, we enjoy doing it. In fact this is where we left you last year, “suckin’ down some oysters” at our local Cajun type restaurant, inspired by our trip to Jekyll Island. Additional good news: we managed to do it again this year, and it was special being it was our 55th anniversary. It is fun to knock around all the tourist traps and antique shops (one and the same). We seldom buy anything, for we have gotten to the point that if you have to dust it, bust it; if you have to polish it, trash it; if its too fragile to handle it, bury it.

Under those criteria, I just make the cut. Good news again when daughter Diane and her daughter Leah managed to break free from the busy Tribune, KS summer social calendar and came east for about a week at the end of June. The week was well spent between the Athens/Atlanta crowd (Bruce, Karen and kids) and Tallassee, AL (George and family). We left Tallassee early on the 1st to bring Diane and Leah to the Atlanta airport, and arrived home to a garage door that wouldn’t open.

Turns out that lightning struck the utility pole outside the house and “fried” many of our appliances, including (in addition to the garage door that had to be replaced), our telephones and several TV’s and VHS’s. Incredible as it may sound, this event turned out to be good news also. First, the computer system was spared by a inexpensive but apparently effective surge protector, and second, all TV’s, or at least the main one was going to have to be replaced anyway to meet the all digital requirement going into effect next Feb. Thus, the transition was made quite painlessly.

Now for the final piece of good news, it looks like we will actually be getting this letter out before Christmas, and it brings us to where we traditionally wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year season. We are looking forward to the New Year with great anticipation as usual, and perhaps it may even include a month or two relatively free of political hogwash.

We can always hope, and that is Good News, and our wish is for your year to be full of good news too.