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Genealogy guide to Dr Samuel Fuller and family

This information is from Vol. I, pp. 173-175 of Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs, edited by Cuyler Reynolds (New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Company, 1911). It is in the Reference collection of the Schenectady County Public Library at R 929.1 R45. Some of the formatting of the original, especially in lists of descendants, may have been altered slightly for ease of reading.

In the “Mayflower” came Edward Fuller and Dr. Samuel Fuller, December 20, 1620. Edward died in the “first sickness,” 1621, leaving a son Samuel, who settled on Cape Cod. Dr. Samuel Fuller was the first physician in the colony. He married (according to Leyden records) (first) Elsie Glasscock; (second) Agnes Carpenter, but his children are by his third wife, Bridget Lee, of Plymouth. She came to Massachusetts on the ship “Ann” in 1623. She was married to Dr. Samuel Fuller in Leyden, in 1617. Their first child was born in Leyden, but died soon after their arrival at Plymouth. Dr. Samuel died in 1633, leaving an only son Samuel, and an only daughter Mercy, who married Ralph James.

(II) Samuel (2), only son of Dr. Samuel (1) and Bridget (Lee) Fuller, was born in 1624, died August 17, 1695. He was a minister of the gospel. His tombstone reads: “Here Lyes ye body of ye Rev. Mr. Samuel Fuller who departed this life Aug. ye 17, 1695, in ye 71st year of his age. He was ye 1st minister of ye 1st church of Christ in Middleboro.” He was a deacon of the Plymouth church, and ordained a minister, December 25, 1694, but he had preached to the Middleboro congregation sixteen years before his ordination. He was a sincere, godly man, and was sincerely lamented by his people. In the settlement of his estate, found in probate records of Middleboro, book I, page 246, dated October 1, 1695, Elizabeth is mentioned as the widow of Rev. Samuel Fuller; Samuel, as the oldest son; John, as the second son; Isaac, as the youngest, and under age. The daughters mentioned are Mercy, wife of Daniel Cole; Experience, wife of James Wood; Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Eaton, and an unmarried daughter Hannah. Elizabeth Fuller, his widow, died at Plympton, Massachusetts, November 11, 1713.


Volume 10: Samuel Fuller through Five Generations
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Dr. Samuel1 Fuller, the Mayflower Passenger, married, 1st, Alice Glascock; married, 2d, Agnes Carpenter of Wrington, England, 24 April 1613, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Alexander Carpenter; married, 3rd, Bridget Lee of England, 27 May 1617, Leiden, Holland, daughter of Mrs. Josephine Lee. His sister Susanna married the Mayflower Passenger William White.

[MD 8:130 Marriage Records At Leiden and Amsterdam]

Samuel Fuller, say-weaver, from London in England, widower of Alice Glascock, accompanied by Alexander Carpenter, William White, his brother-in-law, Roger Wilson and Edward Southworth, his acquaintances, with Agnes Carpenter, single woman, from Wrington in England, accompanied by Agnes White and Alice Carpenter—her sister.
They were married before Andres Jaspers van Vesanevelt and Jacob Paedts, Sheriffs, this 24th of April, 1613.

Samuel Fuller, say-weaver, from England, widower of Anna Carpenter, dwelling on the wall by the Maryport, accompanied by Samuel Lee his acquaintance and future brother-in-law, with Bridget Lee, single woman, also from England, accompanied by Josephine Lee, her mother. They were married before William Tybault and Dirck van Hogeveen, Sherff’s, this 27th of May, 1617.

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