William Albert Morfey (1888

A volume of sheet music entitled “40 Hymn Tunes” by WA Morfey was published after his death. One copy has the following note written by his son Cyrus Morfey:

“My Father was born in 1821 and died in 1904. He wrote a good deal of Church Music including many Hymn Tunes, and this selection was made after my Father’s Death. I believe the Tunes were composed from about 1845 up to 1880. My Father was organist at the Stoke-by-Nayland Church Suffolk sometime prior to and after 1850. Some of the Tunes were in use at that Church. Most of the Tunes were written for special hymns and the names refer to incidents in my Father’s life and places where he had been.”

The sheet music has been scanned and made available for church use by Rod Mather, organist at St Clements on the Hill Anglican Church, Stafford, Queensland, Australia, with the permission of WA Morfey’s great-grandson Kenneth Dalgliesh. It can be found at http://www.cantatedomino.org/cd/index.shtml?127.txtMusic

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