Christmas 1967

Hi Y’all,
Welcome once again to the annual Xeroxed thriller known as the “Barker’s Southern Activity Report.”

At the outset, let me say that I hope this letter finds you all well and looking forward to the oncoming season with gusto (in spite of the commercial implications).

As to be expected, most of the year’s activity centered around the kids, whose capacity for growing, eating and spending seems to rise at a geometric rate. Karen, Bruce and Diane all belong to active scout troops, which was highlighted this summer when Bruce’s troop made a 121 mile canoe trip down the Suwanee River. It took five days, and the boys had an experience they won’t soon forget. Karen’s troop made a trip to Savannah, and are planning a trip to the mountains of North Carolina and a canoe trip this year.

The family is still active in the Y.M.C.A and our major summer activity was spent with the swimming team, where all children still participated. Bruce has finished up his last Gra-Y season this year, and I suppose goes into ‘Pop’ Warner next year.

What about the other kids; well George is sprinkled liberally throughout all activities, making both a positive and negative contribution to each. Of course, the major delight for him this year, (and Mom’s too) is the embarkation into first grade. He is really “trying-out” the first grade, and the teacher. Actually, he is doing fine, loves it and seems to have made a smooth transition. Diane is active in her troop, but more locally. She did latch on to the “Monkees” (groan), what a racket. Both she and Karen spend much of there time seeing how loud the record player can play. It is academic to speculate whether the windows, the loud speaker or Daddy will shatter first.

There was more sadness year when Joyce’s Dad passed away. He was 90 years old and had a nice full life. Fortunately she was able to spend a few days up there with her mother.

Thanksgiving weekend was spent opn the road for us. We went to Tampa and Busch Gardens, St. “Pete”, Sarasota and the Ringling Hall of Fame. It was a beautiful weekend, with temperatures in the mid 80’s.

Now, reflecting upon the kids year, it doesn’t take much imagination to guess what Mom’s activity was this year. We have concluded that a chauffeur would be a more apropos than a maid. She does have, however a “swinging” kindergarten class this year and is up to her neck in paper mache, silhouettes, phone calls, etc.

Daddy’s major activity was trying to keep up with all the other activities. He did manage a trip to Tacoma, Washington, and Libby, Montana to consult with some of the St. Regis Foresters out there. It was indeed a thrill.

All of us are looking forward to the Christmas season, with the ludicrous scenes of snow, sleighs and other polar manifestations not with-standing. As we bask on our patio on Christmas day, shaded by the Poinsettias, we shall be thinking of you and hoping your Christmas season in as happy as ours.

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