Christmas 1966

Hi y’all, guess who forgot to order Christmas cards this year? Old age is creeping up fast. Anyway, we wish everyone a happy and blessed New Year.

The Barker family is still rolling along with no additions, deletions or corrections. Karen is in Junior High (heavens, we have a teenager on our hands). Bruce is swinging into basket ball season after an undefeated football season with his Gray-Y team. It is hard to say who is more proud, the parents or sons. If you haven’t seen the 4th, 5th or 6th grade play football, you just haven’t lived. Diane is tripping the light fantastic with a ballet group (her dad’s forte) and just loves it. George has launched into kindergarten (not in my class!) and seems to be thrashing along quite well. He has become a pro-football addict, especially for the Dallas Cowboys, On a given Sunday, he will be glued to the TV set and when asked why, we find he is waiting for the Indians.

We are still active in our square dance group, church activities, Boy and Girl Scouts, and Bob is a member of the YMCA Board. All four kids were on the Y swimming team this past summer.

I still teach kindergarten and enjoy it very much. Sometimes I believe I spend more time with the parents than with the children.

Bob is still plugging along with St. Regis and Operational Research Forester, whatever that is. I know he spends 2/3 of his time in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia Computer Center. It has something to do with optimizing dollar return of various forest management decisions. He really seems to enjoy it, though and was even asked to present and paper for the Forest Products Research Society.

As usual, this year we thought we would be laughing at all you Yankees freezing this Christmas, but it was 25 degrees here Christmas Eve, so we didn’t laugh too hard. We hope the best for each and everyone this year. Here’s hoping we get our order in for next year. Meanwhile, why not plan a trip to Florida; drop in and see the Barker’s, but please not all at once!

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