Hubert Cyrus Morfey

Hubert Cyrus Morfey (Uncle Hubie) at Mom and Dad's wedding in 1953

Bridgeport Telegram – Wednesday, December 31, 1919
Engagement Tea For Miss Barker – Eugenia was born Oct. 27 1888 so she was 31 at the time of her engagement.
Third Member of Thimble Club to wed British Officer Captain in Artillery

Society had a charming surprise yesterday afternoon when Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Barker of 143 Coleman Street announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Eugenia Kirtland Barker to Hubert Cyrus Morfey, son Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Morfey of Croyden, England. The Thimble Club of which Miss Barker is a member and her intimate friends were entertained at tea yesterday afternoon when the secret was first told.

Her little niece, Miss Ester Edwards, passed the lace frilled nosegays of Ophelia, rose buds and violets were also used on the tea table where Miss Barkers sister, Mrs. George Holmes Edwards and Miss Amelia Beardsley presided Miss Barker, who attended Courtland school and graduated from Miss Porter’s school in Farmington, has been connected with various philanthropies in this city and organizations in United church.

She was especially active in the Red Cross helping to organize the chapter in Savannah, where her family winters Mr. Morfey, who is secretary of Canfield Rubber Company, is also representative for his father, who frequents this City.

Captain in Artillery
Miss Barker is the third member of the Thimble club to announce her engagement to an British officer. Mr. Morfey was a been a captain with the Royal Field Artillery in France for three years only recently returning to this city.

Eugenia Barker as a child

Bridgeport Telegram – Wednesday July 17, 1918
Hoover Supper at Tea Time Tavern Saturday Night
Proceeds for War Work Large Number of Reservation Already Made
The Tea Time Tavern in Greenfield Hill will be the scene of a gay party on Saturday when a Hoover supper will be given by the members of the Thimble club. It has been custom of this club to give these suppers every week in years past but because of war conditions, members belived it not patriotic to hold them every week. However, a Hoover supper is believed to be legitimate. The proceeds of the supper will go toward philanthropic and war work. Those who already made reservations are: Clinton Barnum Sceley, Jr. Miss Austina Tuttle, Mrs. Jarvis Williams, Mrs Lucien T. Warner. Mrs. Ralph Barker, Mrs. George H Edwards

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