Christmas – 2007

We thought we would get our cards out early this year – oops, you think we forgot last year? YOU people must be getting old and forgetful. Here especially for you is a short review of 2007.

The year was pretty quiet (which translates to good) and we both (and the family) are in good shape, all things considered. There was no big event of the year and activities around Athens kept us busy. Still serving on the Community Tree Council, I have been principle in two State Grants received over the past two years, which has kept me off the streets. However that did not stop us from “hitting the road” from time to time.

Our first foray of the year was early spring to Jekyll Island on the Georgia coast near Brunswick. Jekyll is unique in that it is a State Park established for the enjoyment of the average citizen. All accommodations are very reasonable, and the island features a large campground (for those who still do those things). But you know money talks, and plans for extensive development are now on the table. If that happens, so much for low cost getaways. Until then, we will enjoy sitting on the deck of the “Rah Bar” and sucking down a few oysters over a “cool one”, while watching pelicans and herons cavort around Jekyll sound (how about that as a March scenario?).

In September, we found ourselves heading for the coast a second time, but this time Charleston, SC. This was for a Navy Hurricane Hunter reunion. This particular squadron was decommissioned in 1973, so the attendees become fewer and fewer (older and older), and not many we ever knew. But as usual we met new friends and had a great time.

The trip was highlighted by a “to die for” grilled grouper sandwich (and a “cool one”) and a trip to an Audubon wetlands at Magnolia Plantation. Actually saw a gator with another one in its mouth. Eating or transporting I am not sure, but glad it wasn’t me. And…oh, those oysters sounded good didn’t they? Shouldn’t have mentioned them.

In Athens (a college town) there is no shortage of “cool ones” and I know a great restaurant that specializes in oysters in all their splendid renditions. So what are we waiting for? Times awaistin’! We hope you have a happy and joyous New Year.

As for us, we are off to a rip roarin’ start.

Much Love,