Christmas – 1978

Jingle bells, wedding bells, shot gun shells and a won’t that telephone ever stop ringing? Merry Christmas to one and all.

Chronologically one year has passed since our last letter; physiologically, at least three were joined into that time span.

I all started with Karen graduating from nursing school in April. At once we became a house of hypochondriacs. Any sign or mention of anything but robust health, and diagnosis was immediate and prognosis grim and dire if not terminal.

Karen was married to Barry May in June, and the wedding went like clockwork. As it turned out the clock was about the only thing that worked; for example
– Friday night (wedding on Saturday) air conditioner with one final rattle and wheeze expired.
– Saturday – the strategic plumbing, all of it, decided to fight back — thank heavens for neighbors.
– The melee’ of everyone dressing together in the hallway complicated by the fact that George had an arm in a cast (broken during football). His arm became a virtual lethal weapon as he tried to guide it into the sleeve of his tux.

However the wedding was perfect as was the bride in her Mom’s wedding gown of 25 years. Not and easy thing for Dad to forget.

Bruce had his day in September when he was married to Susie Ratliff. This occured just as the dust was settling from Karen’s wedding. There wedding was in candle light and was just beautiful. A few vignettes included:
– discovering a cage of live crickets to be released in the getaway car.
– The organist composing music five minutes before the wedding – turns out he forgot some music and was copying notes over the phone…
– George in a tux for the third time in a year (the first was his prom).
– Bruce fumbling through 6″ of shaving cream looking for car keys on the hood of the getaway car.

Diane was in both weddings and was generally in the middle of all the activity. She finishes college this year and is majoring in exceptional child education. She seems really to enjoy it.

George, a senior in high school this year, is already excited about college next year (deliver me!). In addition, he bagged his first deer this year, a four pointer — what excitement — I can hardly live with the guy anymore. Fortunately, he got it on the opening day so I can now sleep for the rest of the season.

Joyce and I had our 25th anniversary this yer and with the money left over , moved the cocktail hour to the living room with hors d’ oeuvre’s. In additioin we were happy to welcome John and Nancy Adams to Florida. They stopped to visit no their way to Sarasota. If winters keep up like they have — maybe we will be seeing more of you down this way.

Love and a propsperous new year from all of us.

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