Christmas – 1977

A lift of the Wassail glass and greetings to one and all from all of us.

A bit belated, perhaps, but the time is here again to jot down selected memorabilia from the past year.

On of the highlights of the year had to be visits from both Joyce’s brothers, Gordon and Lou and their wives. This was Gord’s first trip to Florida and was the culmination of years of intent. Of course they picked positively the coldest year I can remember (It snowed twice – and that’s not even funny!) We took Gord and Martha to visit our “orange grove” (30 trees) so they could see first hand how frozen orange juice is made — on the tree! We lost the entire crop.

Karen is finishing up technical Nursing this year and has made hypochondriacs out of all of us. I don’t dare mention a symptom for I know it will be something irreversible and terminal. She is also to be married on June 17, 1977, also irreversible and terminal. Barry May, the groom to be, is a Georgian from Springfield (outside Savannah). He might as well be a Floridian – I am sure he has met residency requirements.

Bruce is still at the University of Georgia. He has announced his marriage to Susie Ratliff on September 1, 1977. Brother – Nothing like doing things in bunches. Susie is a local girl, so we don’t see Bruce too much. They say he is looking good, though. If any of you are in the area on those two dates, be sure to join us.

Susie and Barry are great kids, and Joyce and I couldn’t be happier, though I suspect my next years letter will be written from a “Home” some place.

Diane has not come forth with any startling new this year, but that’s o.k – a junior at Georgia Southern, she has decided to specialize in exceptional child education. She seem really to enjoy getting with it. When she and Joyce get into a conversation it sounds like the world of little people. To enter to the strains of “Polly put the Kettle on” makes one go out and check his house number.

“…… As the superstar of Sandlewood football, George Barker reeled off touchdown after touchdown and has all the girls virtually falling all over him as the school hero, and ….” Hey, George! Wake up — Wake up, George! Well anyway he did play for Sandlewood this year. Unfortunately, one of the team’s traits was not reeling off touchdowns, but he had fun anyway. George is still in the scouts as head of the Leadership Corps. He has his problems keeping the act together – but than again so do Joyce and I – but we wouldn’t trade for anything.

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