Christmas – 1991

Our 1991 Christmas greetings to all of you brings with it a real moving experience for us, as we complete a quarter century of sending holiday cheer your way.

This year has been one of change, both geographically and genealogically. Geographically we are moving out of northern Virginia to northeastern Georgia (Athens), as the above address suggests. Geographically we are moving out of northern Virginia to northeastern Georgia (Athens), as the above address suggests. Genealogically, the “keep the bottom dry” (diaper) department has grown by 25% (2). Diane, the first, brought forth her first girl (three boys already), Leah Joyce, on August 9. Everyone is ecstatic, and “big” Joyce is already heading for the doll and ruffle venues throughout the District and environs.

On October 9, Karen was next in what can only be characterized as the “Super Bowl” of birthing mothers, where it was indeed a sell-out crowd. The only thing missing was the beer and hot dogs as her husband Barry, the other three kids, Joyce and I watched mesmerized as she pushed forth an 11 pound, 1 ounce wisp of a daughter, Caitlin, to the cheers of all, and Jonathan was the three-year old crying, “here come the head, hear come the head”. It was a marvelous first time experience for both of us, and brings new meaning to the expression “moving experience”.

In January Bob left SPOT Image Corporation and formed his own business, Resource Dynamics Company. Specializing in land, timber, and Earth information resources, and their management, it soon became apparent that northern Virginia was less than an optimum venue to base the business. With a friend and colleague the new Dean of Forestry, and Bob’s past affiliations with the Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science, and the Georgia Center for Continuing Education at the University of Georgia, Athens seemed to offer the greatest potential opportunity for the future.

Of course the fact that Bruce and family live in Athens, Karen and brood live in Atlanta and George and building family live in Montgomery, AL helped contribute to the decision. I say George and building family, because come February they are due to contribute number 11 to the burgeoning and increasingly exciting grand child derby (We’ll have to rent Fort Benning for the next family reunion). It will be nice to send their minor component something other than a dog bone for Christmas. The only consolation for Diane and the Jayhawk Division, is when they do come East they can do it in one stop.

For our 38th anniversary, we went to Lancaster County, PA; Amish country. Boy, are we ever glad we did that while still in the neighborhood. The sights were fascinating and the quaint village names coined by the Amish, seemed more than appropriate for the occasion. Speaking of anniversaries, our long time friends, Jane and Bob Elliott celebrated their 40th with a classic Maine “bash”, which we unfortunately could not attend. Although we were happy for them as they reached this significant milestone in life, we were left a bit alarmed that in two years we will be celebrating the same.

On their annual migration to Otis, MA, Nancy and Bob Reitinger came through the area and we were fortunate to be able to spend a few hours with them. It is nice to know that there are a few things in life that improve with age, and friendship is one of them. My nephew Kirt (Sela and Dick’s boy), another forester here in the Washington area, was responsible for another highlight, the Virginia Gold Cup Steeple Chase at Great Meadow just west of us in the foothills. For that, Dick and Sela came down. What an event, horse races and tailgate parties (not necessarily in that order).

I mean, hose flanks being beaten, cow flanks being eaten, beer being guzzled, gals being nuzzled, wine being decanted, and race results being ranted. In describing the day, the horse race becomes incidental. As Kirt moves to the state of Washington and we to Georgia, it was good that Dick and Sela could make it down for the event.

We hope everyone has a good and prosperous new-year, and come see us.