History of the Yale Class of 1879

Born in Brooklyn, New York, August 26, 1857. Son of George and Cornelia (Clark) Barker. His father’s ancestors, coming from England in the eighteenth century, settled in Branford, Connecticut. His father was a merchant. His mother’s family appear to have come over from from England about the year 1690.

After fourteen years in New York City, Ralph was sent to the school of Mr. G.B. Day, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. His last two years of preparation for college were passed in the Hopkins Grammar School of New Haven, where he graduated as salutatorian of his class.

The first year after graduation he passed as clerk in a land-broker’s office in New York City. In 1880 he made principal of grammar school in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and the follow year became head of the High School in the same town. Leaving the career of a teacher in 1882, he accepted the position of Secretary and Treasurer of the Madison Cotton Ginning Company of Phoenix Mill, in Madison, Florida, where he removed his family, remaining there, except during the summer months, until 1895. For the last ten years he has lived in Bridgeport, with occasional business trips to Florida. He is President of the Barker Chemical Company, Secretary of the Dunnellon Phoshate Company, and Secretary and General Manager of the Florida Manufacturing Company. He has visited Europe several time, partly on business, but chiefly for rest and pleasure. He is a Republican, a member of the Congregational Church, and Chairman of the Society’s Committee, in Bridgeport.

He married in Bridgeport, March 16, 1881, Eugenia Frear of that city. Their children are: Cornelia Clark, born in Bridgeport, August 21, 1882: Grace Lillian, born in Madison, March 26, 1885, died June 1, 1886; Eugenia Kirtland and Charles Edward (twins), born in Madison, October 27, 1888; Ralph Frederick, born in Madison, November 23, 1894; George Myron, born in Bridgeport, April 3, 1899. Cornelia was graduated from the Courtland School in the class of 1902. Charles is preparing for Yale at the Bridgeport High School.

His residence is 143 Coleman St., Bridgeport, Connecticut. His office is 22 William St., New York City.

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