Christmas – 1989

As I sit to wish you all our annual Yuletide greetings, I stare out of the window with my sunglasses to contemplate the fourth snow of the year. It looks like we will have the first white Christmas in 20 years. Hope our wood supply lasts until January!

We hope 1989 was as good to you as it has been to us. We started off with a bang when Joyce threw a birthday brunch for Bob’s 60th (ugh) in early January. What a grand bash it was, highlighted by delicious mimosa champagne punch (sock). So the New Year’s resolutions lasted all of eight days this time. January also saw us in the middle on Washington at the President’s inauguration (Bush 41 that is). What pandemonium, but it was fun, if mobbed.

The biggie for the year was the family get together in Panama City Beach in August. As a brief preface, it should be mentioned that the rapid growth of the Barker clan seems to be in near remission this year, with the expected exception arising in America’s heartland from the high plains contingent. Diane produced little Levi in June (three boys already). This brought the grand total to eight grandchildren, all of which showed up with parents in August at the beach house. What a week! Our friends the Olson’s always suckers for punishment spent a few days with us. From George and Ksren’s famous seafood concoctions, grilled mackerel just caught, and venison in all it’s forms including sausage, to Olson’s famous chili, the groceries were just great. So of course were the howling kids and fast stepping (changing) adults (Just visualize 3 one-year old babies in a confined space).

In October, Pam and Bruce came to Virginia with their two (Robin and Greta), and Alyssa, KB’s youngest daughter. Trips to the Zoo, National Arboretum, a huge playground at a regional park and a colossal pumpkin ranch at a local vegetable market kept them busy and the “old” man totally pooped most of the time. Right after they left, Bob and Jane Elliott visited for a long weekend just as the foliage was at it’s peak.

Finally, a business trip to Orlando the week after Thanksgiving, gave us the opportunity to stop off in Atlanta on the way to have Thanksgiving with Karen (KB) and her family. Bruce, George and associates came over too. The two turkeys (not Bruce and George), one grilled and the other smoked were just scrumptious. After a fabulous five days at the Marriott World Center, we went to Ocala (Ocklawaha) to visit the Olson’s. We found out that Dave Sr. was to celebrate his 90th birthday and his 80 year old girl friend was due to arrive by bus from Chipley FL. What a delightful reunion that was. Most of the Olson clan made it down for the occasion and we had a wonderful time.

May your start to the new decade be robust and joyous.


P.S Went to Palm Springs in May. The desert is fascinating, and wind farms everywhere,

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