Christmas – 2002

A warm Athens Christmas to all you out there, and I emphasize Christmas. I refuse to capitulate to all those “politically correct” extremist who seem bent on banning the very reason for the holiday in the first place. Well, bah, humbug, it’s Christmas around here and I hope it is at your place too. This is probably a good place to start. We spent last Christmas with George and Karen in Tallassee, AL. The kids (Ellen and Jason) were still young enough to be “Santa” struck, and there is nothing quite like little ones on Christmas morning.

This year was the first in many we didn’t go west to Kansas. Too much else was going on in late spring-early summer. The first issue was that of reunions: my Hurricane Hunters, my 50th college, and Joyce’s 50th college reunion in the same week. We almost said the heck with the whole thing, but we decided that Joyce’s alma mater (Beaver College) had changed the most (it is now Arcadia University), and she hadn’t been back since she graduated. So we were off to Glenside, PA (outskirts of Philadelphia). I had never been to the place, but the new construction was obvious. We had a good time, and enjoyed meeting with her friends (thank heavens a few husbands showed up)

During the summer months, we got together with Bruce’s family here in Athens and we “convoyed” down to St. George Island on the Gulf shore of Florida near Apalachicola. Now folks, that’s seafood country and the home of the Apalachicola oysters. There were a couple of trailers on the Island every morning (owned by fishermen) with the fresh daily catch (grouper, snapper, shrimp, etc.) and always Boss Oyster Bar in “Apalach” to whet the appetite. We stayed at a rented house that had a full kitchen and rooms for all. All the kids and grand kids are doing great.

Except for George and Karen’s two, all the other grand kids are approaching college age, and (of course) driving age. From the outside-in perspective, it’s a hoot! Bruce’s coffee shop “Cups Coffee Café’ has been quite a hit especially with the University kids during exam time. He is expanding it to include a fair sized meeting room in the back, which is already being booked. I love my daily “Seattle’s Best” fix.

We are looking for and exciting (not too, I hope) new year, and hope you are too.

Love, and the best of seasons spirit to all.