Edwards, Richard

From a newspaper article in a family scrapbook given to me by Gordon Edwards. There are a few places that were hard if not impossible to make out – will have to try to find the original source.

History further records that shortly after the marriage of Richard Edwards and Elizabeth Tuttle, she had a child and Mr Edwards was subjected to ecclesiastical discipline therefor. Though he testified that he was not the father of the child he was punished. Not withstanding this, he continued to live with her for many and was the father of the ancestors of all the bright Edwardses in this country. Her conduct became such, however that in 1691, he was, after repeated refusals, granted a divorce by the Colonial Assembly, at the very time when there son, the Rev. Timothy Edwards, the father of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards was being graduated from Harvard with such distinguished honors. Richard Edwards then married the daughter of the Hon. John Talcott, and they had several children by her, none of whose descendants ever amounted to …… practiced by our enlightened forefathers in Connecticut if would have been cut off absolutely at the start the very Edwards family cited by the gentlemen as an example of the persistence through heredity of the “bad type” as seen in the Jukees family.

For it is well known to those conversant with the early history of Connecticut that Jonathan Edwards was the son of Timothy Edwards who was the son of Richard Edwards an eminent citizen of Hartford and the first lawyer ever admitted to practice in the Connecticut courts, and of Elizabeth Tuttle. Now Elizabeth Tuttle had a brother who was hanged for murder and a sister who likewise committed murder and who escaped the gallows only through the refusal of the people of Connecticut to recognize the courts and …..

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