Elenora Leanna Darnell Hendrix

Elenora Leanna Darnell Hendrix

L-R Darnell Hendrix(grandmother), Lennie Hendrix(aunt), Victoria Hendrix(sister), Minnie Hendrix(married Arthur James(sister), Laura Farriba, Emma Farriba(baby), Bill Farriba, Ellis Farriba, Thomas Hendrix(father), Holly Hendrix, Manerva Buchanan,(mother of Holly Gilbert Hendrix last boy on the right.

This Hendrix family photograph show Pam’s Great, Great Grandmother Elenora Leanna Darnell Hendrix. Lee Roy Hendrix(father), Holly Gilbert Hendrix(grandfather), Joshua Thomas Hendrix(great grandfather) and John Hendrix, husband of Elenora(great, great grandfather).

From the descriptions of the people from the back of the photo, I’m guessing this picture belonged to Laura Hendrix(daughter of Joshua Thomas Hendrix). She shown in the middle of the photo with her husband William(Bill), daughter Emma and son (Ellis).

Emma was born in 1896 and looks to be about 2 in this picture and her brother was 4 years older, and he looks to be about 6 – this dates this photo to about 1898. This could be a family group wedding photo because my records show that Laura and Bill Farriba got married on February 26, 1898 – but the amount of leaves on the trees in both foreground and background suggest this photo was taken in spring or summer.

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